Steve Stanton

Machine algorithms have developed the power of prayer—a psychic connection beyond the bounds of space and time. Simara Ying, the gifted cyberchild spawned during the Bloodlight Chronicles, escapes from her digital handlers by crash landing on a primitive planet wracked by electromagnetic storms. She is rescued by a young cave dweller, Zen Valda, who teaches her the native ways. With nothing in common but love, Simara and Zen must escape into space to confront Machine Intelligence.

“A non-stop, furiously paced story that takes the reader on a fascinating journey from deep space to artificial intelligence to the primordial history of the human species.” — Robert Charles Wilson, award-winning author of Darwinia, Mysterium, and Spin.

“The Bloodlight Chronicles explores the repercussions of chemical immortality, the nature of religion, life beyond death, and the politics and ethics of revenge. Set in a future where economic transactions are tied into virtual gaming, this elegantly written sf series features believable characters and powerful situations.” — Library Journal.

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